Lo-Fi Sci Fi


I have always loved science fiction, and horror movies; Creature Features, paperback books  and Aurora monster models were a big part of my childhood. I always wished that I could see a UFO, but it never happened . I won’t say that they don’t exist, but if they do, we’ll never see one (it’s much too far a distance to fly to Earth from somewhere else).

I have posted this song already, but I put together a video for it. Haven’t had any time to record lately, so I have been messing around with iMovie on my lunch breaks.

click here if you just want to hear the song


I got the footage that I used from the internet archive, which is a great site. They have a ton of open source and public domain films, music and other stuff. I have spent hours on the site just poring through old home movies, sci-fi commercials from the 50’s.etc… There is a great 2 hour documentary someone made in the 50’s about their familys camping trips.

scifi channel

I think I still have a lot to learn about iMovie; the audio track sounds a little warbley to me at points, while the original sounds fine. I guess I could read the manual, but then I would have spent my break reading (as opposed to cranking out a lo-fi video). All in all, a really fun program (probably as I enjoy tweaking on things).


Hope you enjoy the video, it’s really cheesy, but that’s how I pictured it.

RIP scifi


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