I’ve Never Seen A U.F.O.


click the player to hear “I’ve Never Seen a U.F.O.

When I was a kid I was really into UFOs. Apparently everyone else was too, judging by the popularity of books and documentaries on the subject at the time.


I really wanted to believe that there was some sort of intelligent, benevolent beings out there. Maybe if things ever got really bad, they would come save us.


Anytime I was outside at night, I kept a watchful eye out for them. Unfortunately I never saw one (or even thought I did). Now it’s too late for me: I’m older and now that I am aware of the enormous distance between Earth and the nearest galaxy, I just don’t feel like it’s possible. Just another one of the buzzkills that go along with being an adult.


I wrote this song about having never seen one. I recorded this in Logic. I used EZDrummer to do the drum track and the rest is just guitar and bass that I played using the PodFarm amp modelling software.


Here’s the blueprints for a flying saucer if you’re inclined to try and make one. I wish you would.


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