Who is Rabbit Ears Motel?


I have been a musician all my life and have spent way too much time playing in bands, touring, recording, starving, writing, arranging, jamming, etc…   What I had no experience in was recording on my computer. About 2 years ago (when my wife was pregnant and sleeping a lot) I started recording on Garageband, and Audacity. Was using Logic Express, but just upgraded to Logic Studio 9. Really great program. I have tried recording on a PC with Reaper (a great program) and Samplitude, but it didn’t feel comfortable (I’m just too much of a Mac fanboy).

I started this blog to blow off some steam, document the creative process, and monitor my progress as I try to figure out how to record music. I am not a producer, I am a musician who wanted to learn how to record his songs. I’m getting better (I think), but then sometimes it just sounds like crap. That’s okay, it’s not as if I’m charging people for this stuff.

I think my problem areas are in drum programming, getting a decent vocal sound, and mastering aspects of recording like EQ and compression. I could probably do with a bit of self-editing as well (shorter more succinct songs). But in the long run: who cares?

I may upload some art that I have done as well, but don’t hold your breath as that requires scanning things, and I hate scanning things. Always a pain in the butt. That should really be the next revolution in computers for the everyman.

I really love psych music, pop, 60’s pop, experimental music, all kinds of electronic music, guitar based indie rock, soundtracks, moody dark music, soundscapes, tone poems, punk rock, surf music, dub, old reggae and ska, prog rock, glitch, minimalism, classic rock, glam, emo, kraut-rock, old country, stoner rock, pretty much anything with feeling and/or a sense of adventure and experimentation.

Discography (This is a partial discography. I didn’t list singles, comps, or records that I only played on a couple of songs):

Sybil – Every Parent’s Dream (glam/punk/pop band I was in right after high school)

Daucus Karoate (w/Rozz Williams – Goth)

Old Hickory  – Trust Knot (indie psych pop)

Old Hickory – Brain Travels Before the Heart Stops (indie psych pop)

Old Hickory – Other Era’s Such as Witchcraft (indie psych pop)

Quazar and the Bamboozled (psychedelic R&B)

Io Perry – Greybay (indie pop)

Io Perry – The Sailor Wave (indie pop)

Rabbit Ears Motel – Let’s Stare at the Sun (indie psych pop)