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I Need Gasoline


click the link above to hear “I Need Gasoline”


I wrote this song awhile ago; it’s about my neighborhood Echo Park. At the time it was really a pretty bad neighborhood and I had a real love/hate relationship going on with it. Things have been looking up for a little while now, and while it can still be a little rough, I’m feeling a lot better about the place. Weird mix of people.


This song was recorded using a cheap $100 Kay guitar that I bought from they are an awesome acoustic instruments store with a focus on obscure instruments. i would recommend getting their catalog as it makes for great gear porn. I drooled over it every night before bed for months.

I recorded this in Logic, and the mic was a MXL USB mic (since replaced), drums are the indie kit that comes with Logic and Garageband, and the synth is Automat free. It’s listed in my freeware section, so go grab it. Very nice synth. The delay was Logics Stereo Delay, and I think I used the Sample Delay to get the panning on the acoustic reverb.

This tune could use a re-mix as I did it really quick and there a few things that bother me about it (although I won’t point them out here). Think of this as urban hillbilly music.

Gasoline Can2


Driving (With My Girlfriend)


Driving (with my girlfriend)

I wrote this song awhile back and just made it up as I went along. It’s your basic 90’s style Pavement rip-off; nothing original here at all, but it kept me entertained for a few hours.


Back before I got Logic, I was recording on Garageband. This was one of the tunes I recorded at that point. Nothing really fancy or complicated. The synth I used was Automat It’s a really great free synth, and the folks who put it together seem really into it.


The guitars were all done with my old tele, my crappy Ibanez bass and Podfarm. A lot of people seem to hate Podfarm for some reason, but I like it. There are some technical aspects of it that drive me nuts on a mac, but I have always found a way around them. Haven’t upgraded to the new version yet as I can’t seem to find a reason. Drums were done with EZDrummer.


I originally gave this song away to anyone who wanted to add something to it. Quite a few people took me up on my offer, and created their own versions of the tune. After a couple were done, I felt really lame that I couldn’t finish my own song, so I ended up writing lyrics and a melody for it.


I wrote it about how my girlfriend and I used to drive around for hours, exploring side streets and greasy spoon diners in out of the way towns. Nicole is now my wife, we don’t thrift shop anymore, and it’s a little hard to do those aimless drives with a 3 year old and a newborn.


here’s some other versions of this tune:

Original instrumental version

Beat Up Comic Books by Ridd Sorensen

Daze In Sunshine by Sonic Magpie

SloBurn by Guy Grooves