Temporal Light


I did this ambient piece a little while back and I liked the way it turned out, so now you get to hear it. I had basically made a soundscape with the free Crystal soft synth, rendered the MIDI to audio and manipulated it a bit more, and then I ran the whole thing through Gleetchlab. After that I put a little piano on top of it. Here’s a reaaally lo-fi video I did for it.

Gleetchlab is hard to describe, it’s matrix based and you run your audio through a series of effects, granular synthesis, filters, pitch and speed shifters. I have no idea how it does what it does, or how to consistently get good stuff out of it. Everything you do on it is live, no automation or saving pre-sets (it’s kind of an ethos for the developer). You can get some wild sounds out of it, but you need a little patience. I have an older version, but the developer Giorgio Sancristoforo has some really neat new stuff now.
I use to have this listed in the freeware section, but people are jerks and I think the developer got only 4 donations or something like that, so he started to sell it (it’s like $15 now – buy it).
check out Gleetchlab here


I always wanted to make a video, so I grabbed some undersea footage online, and then edited it in iMovie to fit the music (kind of the opposite if the way it’s usually done I think). It’s pretty rough, but I only spent about 20 minutes on it, and it’s not terrible for my first attempt. I can actually see iMovie being really fun to play with. We just had a new baby, and I haven’t had any time to record, so maybe making crap videos for my songs is the way to go right now. I think for my next video, I will get some stuff from Archive dot org and edit it into something with more of a narrative. If you haven’t checked out that website, it’s all public domain and open source video, music, movies, etc… You can get lost in it for days. Love the amateur/home movies.


As usual, these pictures have little to do with the subject. I just became interested in freaky looking bunnies this evening.


My fave new blog (well new to me at least): the b-roll. The guy has been trying to quit smoking (I can relate), and to keep busy he started a blog. He does one creative thing a day and then posts it. Right now he’s teaching himself how to do animation. Really cool; wish he was my neighbor. I could use more interesting, geeky types on my block.



2 responses

  1. Michael

    Very nice site and just -enjoyed listening to “Temporal Light”. You have many talents Michael!

    07/16/2010 at 23:25

  2. thanks for sharing

    07/17/2010 at 08:40

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