Drawing with Inkscape


I haven’t really had any time to record anything lately. I made some EXS instruments and some  loops that I can use later. I spent about an hour taking a MIDI drum beat and assigning it to a horrible Dobro guitar sound, and then running that through some effects (mostly bitcrushers and Camelspace). I really need to buy Camelspace. I have a demo of it right now, and I just apply it to something and then bounce it to another track to save it (the demo stops every 30 seconds). Really have no excuse as I think they even have a student discount program.

So I have also been messing around with Inkscape; sort of an open source Illustrator. Tonight was my first big experiment with it. Decided to make a distortion box logo for my blog. I based it on the picture at the top of the page. I watched a tutorial on YouTube for a few minutes, but never figured out how to move images behind other images. When it got to that part, they guy just said “and now just page down to move those behind.” WTF does that mean? So in the picture below, you can see that the input and output jacks on my distortion box are superimposed on top of the box. I’ll work on that later.


I also encountered a problem with removing the original photo that was underneath of my image, so there is a white border that I can’t figure out how to get rid of (yet). I’m sure it’s something really stupid, but I’m tired so that will have to come at another time.

I like to draw a lot, but have never played with graphics programs before. This one seems pretty good, and has more features than I know what to do with at this point. Plus it’s free, and you can use it on a mac or a PC.

get inkscape here

This is the final image I had before I gave up. Not too bad for my very first bit attempt. Not really something to be proud of either, but could be worse.


If you feel like trying out this program there are a bunch of video tutorials on youtube. Let me know if you find any good ones though.


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  1. Cool Inkscape drawing. I downloaded it once and had the same trouble with it. I have a little experience in illustrator but Inkscape was not as intuitive. I will have to give it another shot.

    08/03/2010 at 00:28

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