Free Drums, Amps and a Pipe Organ from 1850


Free Drum samples:
Waveshaper makes some really great drum/drum machine samples; very interesting stuff. They always have a free version of their kits and a pay version that goes for the ridiculously low price of $5.99. I love their stuff and promise that one day I will actually buy something. They just released 2 new kits: the one of a kind SoundMaster Stix 305, and an FM kit called Algo Operator (really like this one).

Hagever from KVR Audio put together this glitch sample pack. There is a lot of stuff in it and I really like the snares. Some pretty noisy stuff as you might expect from a glitch set, but lots of nice subtle stuff as well. Really nice job. Get it here:

A free acoustic set: this is a Sonor drum kit, lovingly sampled and it comes in EXS24 format. It’s really nicely laid out (you can use multiple outs, etc…) and pretty surprising that it’s free. I love people that make free stuff, and I really love when people make stuff in EXS format:

Free Guitar Amp Software:


Scorchcrafter Guitar Amp:


Ignite Guitar Amp: i think this one is kind of for the metal guys, although I have heard that the clean channel sounds really great: tent&view=article&id=47&Itemid=55&lang=en

Misc. Freebies:

Yamaha DX21 Solid Bass preset: this is only one sound, but it’s a really good sound. Classic 80’s synth bass sound. Comes in EXS 24 format (yay):
the website also has some nice drum machine samples from the Yamaha PSS 790

1850’s Pipe Organ. These guys make some great stuff. Unfortunately for me I don’t have Kontakt. If you have it, go grab this one:

I forgot to pay the bill for the data package here at WordPress, so I think pretty much all of my music is not working anymore. I was thinking of moving over to Soundcloud entirely. Still pondering that one; not really a pressing issue as it’s pretty rare that anyone actually listens to my music anyways.


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