Kevin had written a song and dropped it into our shared dropbox. Bryn did a whole version and Kevin and him were going back and forth quite a bit with it. I was busy with family and didn’t get to join in on that version (which I’m are will appear shortly). The stems were up and I grabbed the Omnichord part that Bryn had done, and wrote a drum part to it. Then I just started jamming to it and added Kevins vocals. It’s all pretty simple musically, but I did have some fun experimenting with plugins.

here is a video of the song Ghost 

The first sounds you hear are Bryns omnichord (a little more warm and gritty sounding than the bells). The bell type sounds are a sampler instrument made from a HAPI drum, and then pitched too high, and another track of Logics FM synth.


sweet decal

The drums were made with some drum samples that I found online and loaded into EXS24. basically a high hat and a poorly recorded kick drum. I also have an EXS24 instrument made out of a bunch of sounds sampled in an office, I used those for all of the clicky sounds, and then ran them through Logics Spectral Filter and Delay Designer for some movement and variation in the sounds. I also used the free Pancake plug in to draw out panning for some of the percussion.


check out this DIY kick pedal. 

all of the droney stuff and the track of something that sounds like it’s dripping and stretching were audio snippets from Kevin’s vocals that I stretched with Logics Flex Time until they didn’t sound like vocals anymore. These were also ran through filters and delay designer. I basically just kept turning knobs, bounced it all out and then chopped out the bits I liked and placed them throughout the song. The “aah” parts at the end of the song are Kevin’s vocals: I looked for a note in the right key and then cut it up, reversed, and then ran through a bit crusher at a 12 bit setting.


the perfect gift for me

Kevin’s vocals are phrased a little differently in his version and come in on the beat differently. I cut them up and moved them where I wanted them and then used flex time to make them fit in with this version. Once they fit I messed with flex time a little more to give them a sound like an old tape being eaten. Flextime is useful for fixing timing issues (for people who know what they’re doing), I really like to just mangle audio with it.


I used a few delays on this one (my favorite effect). I used Logics Delay Designer for the ambience, the kick drum is sent to a bus with Logics Tape Delay that I automated a bit to come in and out, and I used RP Delay on Kevin’s lead vocal track. Really liking this mellow, almost soundtrack sort of vibe lately.




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