was experimenting with effects and drum programming and came up with this. I picture it as a soundtrack. i used a lot of different stuff for the drums: samples of an acetone rhythm ace beatbox, my playground drum kit, some samples of drums that I loaded in alchemy and tweaked a bunch (for that galloping tribal drum sound), and a kit I made out of hissing sounds from in between vocals on other songs. the song started out as a slow song, and then just kind of morphed into this.


the synths and loops were all made with zebralette (my new freebie find) or alchemy. i recorded some of the parts and bounced to audio then ran through Logics spectral filter and sidechained with one of the drum parts. other bits I just cut out random phrases that I had played and then looped them through the song.


Alchemy is a really cool synth: you can use waveforms like most synths, or you can use audio samples and then manipulate and blend them together into something total wild. i’m not that accomplished at it yet, but i’m working on it. Although Alchemy is not freeware, they do have a free version. There isn’t nearly as much control, it comes with 1 gig of sounds and is a really nice addition to your arsenal. Here’s a link for the Alchemy Player:

and here is a link for Zebralette:


all of these pictures were found on my phone, and my daughter Sophie took the top picture.


One response

  1. Kevin Bud Jones

    I love this track. I’m a real sucker for skittering and flowing stuff mashed together.

    07/22/2011 at 18:22

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