Watching Music Unfolding with Zebralette


2 interesting freeware finds today:


The Zebralette synth by Uhe. It’s like Zebra’s little brother; not as much going on as Zebra but more than enough to use for some interesting sounds. 1 oscillator, 2 LFOs, some onboard effects… The interesting part about this synth is the ability to draw in waveforms, and the spectral effects that can be drawn in. The CPU hit is not too bad either. I’m on a macbook and having no problems with this on a very busy track in Logic 9.

This synth wasn’t free until the other day, and Uhe made it freeware to entice you to check out it’s big brother Zebra. This guy knows how to make some really nice synths, so you should definitely check this out. There is a bug where you get a nag screen the first time asking you for a serial number. Urs from Uhe says that he forgot to take that out and will do so in the next update; so you can just ignore the request and the synth works perfectly. It also comes with a demo version of Zebra2 which I haven’t played with at all: I can’t afford it, so I don’t really want to know what I’m missing. If you don’t like to roll your own, here are a bunch of free presets for Zebralette (and the other Uhe synths as well).


Music Unfolding Effects
These are strange plugins. vibrato and tremolo plugs that are designed to work with expression pedals, distortion plugs that let you work on different frequencies, ringshifters with a lot more controls than you usually see on a ringshifter, interesting filters, wah’s that used formant filters, a 3 stage reverb/delay/modulation plug,.. Some interesting stuff, so far I have just tried the stuff out on a drum track and I had to turn it off as I didn’t really have the time to play around with it like I wanted. Sounded great though for experimental, psych or electronic music.

The guy who makes this stuff has a donation button and he gives the money to Dr. Denise Faustman’s research on children and type 1 diabetes. Nothing wrong with that. The plugs will only work on a mac with Snow Leopard and they are 64 bit AU. A little future proofing is always a good thing, but you PPC guys are out of luck.

I was going to post a song, but no energy for it today. I’m going to try and work on a track I’ve been doing and maybe incorporate some of my new toys. But first I’m going to read about this self folding origami that is freaking me out.


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