Free Drum Samples


When I don’t have the opportunity to record I like to research recording and read about it. I’m on all the geekiest sites and consequently I run across a lot of free stuff, so figured I may as well start throwing it up here. I will always add the freeware I find to the freeware page, but I can’t be bothered to make a big list of all the samples I find. Maybe if get real bored some day. You can search on the front page for free samples, or drums or whatever and it will find all of the relevant pages for you.


Spunkface Samplers have a new free sample pack called Textures 2. Great for ambient textures and the overall vibe of an electronic angels choir. They also have 3 pages of other freebies, including loops, high hats and kits; definitely a minimal techno theme going on there but I found some of the stuff to be pretty interesting and useful for other types of music (there’s an interesting high hats pack that I can’t wait to try). Only some of the freebies are in Ableton format and EXS24, but all of them have the .wav files.

Here is a demo of this sample pack.

download Textures 2

More free drums


Waveshaper has a bunch of really cool drum kits; mostly electronic, some effected acoustic kits as well. There are free versions of all the kits, and you can also buy expanded versions for next to nothing (i’m talking like 5 bucks). They are all in .wav format. I have no idea why he sells the stuff so cheap, it sounds really good. must be a labor of love.

check out Waveshaper


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