Thyme Honey


Click to hear Thyme Honey

This song is called Thyme Honey and I made it in Garageband a long time ago. Just found it on my computer so I figured I may as well post it. It’s a sort of soundtrack/ambient/experimental track. I used a recording of bottles clanking that I found on Freesound, and ran them through KT Granulator and also through Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth (which is like a really old fashioned sampler). Crossfade Loop Synth is pretty rudimentary, but you can do some really cool things with your samples, really quickly. Can’t remember which synth I used, although at that time I think I had Eve and Alpha. KT Granulator is linked in the Freeware section.


did you know that glass can be recycled as insulation and concrete?

Still playing with Inkscape and Pixelmator. I think I need to get a graphics tablet to get the most out of it though. Although I haven’t really learned the basics yet, being able to draw easily would make the whole process a lot more intuitive and fun.

wrong way

wrong way to do it, ergonomically speaking

I am a complete hack right now, but I always find it exciting to learn how to do something new.

right way

the right way

My daughter Sophie is in pre-school and needed a picture of her favorite sea animal. The Beluga Whale. Just to make it fun I put her in the picture riding a Sea Turtle (although she prefers the Leatherback Sea Turtle). This was done in Pixelmator, which is kind of like a poor mans PhotoShop; think Reaper for pictures.

baby beluga

did you know that Raffi wrote “Baby Beluga”?

This is something I threw together for my online music collaborative APOD. Was experimenting with the function in Inkscape that turns a picture into a bitmap. Still trying to figure out how to re-arrange the bitmap so that i can use the fill tool on different sections. Right now if I click on it, there is just one bitmap and it fills the whole thing. I would read the manual, but it’s just soo horrible.

apod poster silver

APOD will return soon

Thinking I was going to start a series of musical items from my past, I threw together this picture of the Small Stone (god I wish I still had one of these).

small stone

Seemed like a good time to experiment with the text features as well, so I added text. My friend Tom said that the sentiment of this picture inspired him to right a song. I like that.

small stone text


One response

  1. Sookie

    I haven’t been over to look at your blog in a month or so- I just wanted to comment that I am envious of the look and I am glad you are still finding time to put stuff up. x Colleen

    06/26/2011 at 00:08

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