I Know Who We Really Are


click the player to hear “Outside”


My friend Aaron Embry lives in Nashville and plays piano for all kinds of great people. Daniel Lanois, Willie Nelson, Brian Eno and  Elliot Smith are just some of the people he has worked with. He was also in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I think his solo stuff is where he really shines though. It’s like Gershwin composing an avant garde space pop theater piece. Very heady stuff. When he lived in LA, we used to do shows together and I always found him to be one of the most creative musicians on the scene. His latest project is called We Are Each Other, and it’s wonderful.
Check out We Are Each Other here


I wrote this song Outside, and at the time I was pretty much thinking “what would Aaron do?” So I just started playing what sounded like haunting chords (at least to me), and then started singing about aliens coming from the sky. It’s a little apocalyptic.


The inspiration for the lyrics actually came from a trilogy of sci-fi books I read in 3rd grade. Tripods Trilogy (The White Mountains / The City of Gold and Lead / The Pool of Fire). These creatures came from space, and took over the world. They drove around in giant tripods, and lived in giant domes that replicated the atmosphere of their home planet. Scary stuff for a 3rd grader.
get the Tripods Trilogy here


The only instruments that I used for this tune, were a Roland SH-101 synth (the grey one), and a horrible digital piano that I borrowed from a friend (hey it’s better than nothing). It turned out pretty well for as fast as it was recorded, but I was thinking of re-recording it as I have better gear now.

if you’re into these synthy pillows, you can by one here from pulsewidth



2 responses

  1. Phil St Vincent

    Love this song Roxy… I wanna collection of all your music.. It’s so great to listen to.


    07/19/2010 at 04:19

    • rabbitearsmotel

      absolutely. I’ll upload a bunch shortly.

      07/19/2010 at 18:55

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