Anything You Want


Anything You Want

This is another song that I wrote for the RPM challenge. Wrote this one about my little girl Sophie. She is about to get a little brother within the next couple of days.
I originally meant for this song to be a kind of rock-steady reggae sort of tune, but quickly realized that my voice sounds ridiculous in that setting. I would probably have more luck rapping.


Back to the drawing board. In the end I put together a really simple drum beat on EZ Drummer (vintage kit), then added in another kit that I created in EXS24. I had downloaded some free snow and ice samples from Tonehammer over the holiday season. Lots of great samples of people walking in, and kicking snow, throwing snow, skittering rocks across frozen ponds, etc… Picked a bunch out and made a “drum kit” out of them. The ice kit just doubles the regular drum track, but the attack is totally different, I like the sound it made. They give a nice squishy/crunchy feel to the drum track. There are also some rhythmic things I did on a bitcrushed 909 sound. you’ll notice that the drums are off in spots; that’s because I did them live and liked the way the looseness felt.


The main instruments are the ukulele (purchased on impulse at guitar center for $30), the reggae bass sound in Logic, and I think I used the XILS3 synth plug-in. Reverbs were Space Designer with some EMT 250 impulse responses. Can’t remember where I got them, but there are some IRs from this floating around online. There are a couple of great vocal settings with a short reverb tail on them from this machine. I used EOS for all of the other reverb stuff.


Now the song is more like a motown song, with some slightjy off-kilter instrumentation. hope you like.


Been really into my uke lately: small, easy to grab at a moments notice, different layout than guitar so I tend to play different things. You should listen to this song, then go buy a cheap uke and record your own uke tune.


By an odd coincidence, my son who is about to be born is named Julian.


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