I Fell Behind


I Fell Behind

The RPM challenge basically amounts to using the month of February to write and record a whole album. The album needs to be 13 songs or 35 minutes long. 13 songs in 28 days is a little over 2 days a song. Not easy when you work full time, go to school and have a 3 year old. My friend Kevin asked if I was going to do it and I figured I may as well give it a shot.


I got a late start, but dove right in. My theme was all of the songs would have an acoustic instrument, harmony vocals, some synths and sampler instruments that I had put together in EXS24 and hadn’t a chance to play around with yet. I also used the same drum set for every song (EX Drummer with the vintage expansion kit) in an effort to try and make the songs cohesive and sound like they came off the same record. My greatest weakness is that I can never seem to have a “sound.” I’m all over the place.This would be an exercise to try and stay focused on one sound. I failed at that task.


This song is called “I Fell Behind.” It was one of the first tunes I put together when I started recording, but I did the vocals last. Couldn’t think of any lyrics for it, and was a little pre-occupied with the fact that I had too much going on at the moment. It’s a pretty basic pop song, but I intentionally didn’t write a bridge for it.


• Cheap acoustic guitar that I mic’d with an even cheaper MXL USB mic.
• Vocals also recorded with the MXL at my dining room table
• Ibanez bass
• I doubled the bass with a low, buzzy synth sound (the TAL Electro7 freebie)
• The organ is the “plastic organ” in Logic that I ran through an amp
• The synth sound is an instrument I made in EXS from some circuit bent casio sounds
• Drums are EZDrummer Vintage Kit, a loop that I had, and a “junk kit” that I put together from pots,pans and buckets mapped out in EXS.
• The guitar feedback is some ebow samples loaded into EXS
• The main effects that I used were Logics Tape Delay (which I am in love with), a freebie called Stutter, and I ran the drum loop through a Logic guitar amp and put some delay on it, and used an impulse response of a walkie talkie on a send.


the mixes for all of my RPM songs are pretty rough, but I think they work with the songs (for the most part). I had a great time writing and recording these songs and can’t wait until next years challenge. I recommend that you sign up for it as well. Real feeling of accomplishment when you finish.



One response

  1. Vicki Jacobson

    Oh Michael…..I LOVE this. I especially like the double vocals and harmonies. So many layers and wonderful textures…..

    05/07/2010 at 11:34

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