Glitch Tango


Silent Tango

I was talking to a friend this evening about glitchy effects, stuttering sounds, etc.. I used a lot of them on this track (specifically in the vocals).This isn’t really a glitch song, it’s more like an electronic dub tango. Seriously.


As far as I can remember, the effects I used on the vocals were the Tape Delay in Logic, a buffer overide called Geometer, and some reverb and flanging. You could probably also use an effect called Stutter. I was going to post the link, but can’t find it right now. I will add them to my freeware list as soon as I track them down.


To get the vocal effects, I copied the lead vocal onto a second track, ran it through Geometer (a freebie), and then bounced in place and edited out the parts of the vocals I liked. Geometer will put some serious glitch into whatever you run through it, but the thing is, it won’t make the same effect twice so you need to make sure you bounce onto another track. Many times it sounds like garbage, but there will be some great moments. Save those and throw out the garbage.


After getting my glitch vocal track, I automated in all of the reverb and flanging type effects, so that the track would kind of swim around if you’re wearing headphones. Most of the vocal effects are in the second half of the song after the piano solo (you’re intrigued huh?).
Not much to say really, I just threw this up so that Mike could get the idea for the glitchy stuff.


If you like delay, TAL have a new one TAL Dub 3, it’s different than TAL Dub 2 (which is more like a dub style tape delay). The new one is good for Frippertronics, long looping sort of things (you can get up to a 4 second delay with it). Really nice, and as usual their stuff is free. Everything they make is incredible actually. Here’s a link, comes in PPC VST, PC VST, and AU:


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