I’m Just Fine (Go Away)


This time I put up two completely different sounding versions of the same song. The song has absolutely nothing to do with robot’s, but I love them and hadn’t put any up any pictures of them in awhile.

I’m Just Fine (synth version)

I’m Just Fine (fuzz version)


I wrote this song a long time ago. I played it in a band I was in at the time called Wink. We were a fuzzy, noisy pop band. We were really into the PIxies, The Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, pretty much anything with guitars and catchy melodies. And fuzz pedals.


Our guitar player Michael was really into Paul McCartney and I was into George. He probably doesn’t remember, but once we were having one of our usual Paul versus George arguments, and I showed up at a gig we were playing and he had a bumper sticker plastered on his guitar that said “I’d rather be listening to Paul.” Guess you had to be there. If you want to hear what Michael is doing these days, goggle the Light Bachwood Movement.


This song was my first experiment with tuning my guitar different than EADGBE. The guitar is tuned to an open G, which is usually used on something bluesy (Keith Richards uses it all the time). I usually played the guitar on a Salmon PInk Plastic guitar that Michael had found. I think it was an Eko. The song was written for my girlfriend at the time.


Years had gone by, and then for some reason the song popped in my head. Since we had never recorded it, I couldn’t give it a listen to see if it held up. Frustrating.


I decided to record the song over again, and ended up doing 2 different versions of it. One of them is all guitars, fuzz and early 90’s indie stylings. This is the closest to how the song was performed originally.


At one point I was doing a lot of acoustic solo shows and had played the song. I was going to record an acoustic version, but somehow I got sidetracked and ended up with something that would have been at home on an OMD record, or a John Hughes soundtrack.


So I mentioned the band Wink. Well, Brian Keats was our drummer, and Brian was a funny guy. We were all a pretty incestuous bunch: we all hung out together, our girlfriends all worked together and were friends, we barbecued a lot. I had a great time with those guys. Brian used to tell a funny story about how he played in the Misfits for awhile and Joe Walsh showed up at one of their gigs with a bunch of Hells Angels; apparently they were way harder than any of the tough skinhead guys. Brian gave me a stereo once when I didn’t have one. I remember it was housed in this really ugly glass case, and for some reason, it was so noisy that you couldn’t really listen to quiet music on it. The hissing sounds were louder than the records.


We all went to see Fugazi one time, and I think Brian lost one of his shoes. My shirt was all ripped up for some reason.


Anyways, Brian is really bad off right now. He’s suffering from cancer and it doesn’t look good. Maybe you can send a good thought his way, and while you’re at it: be grateful for the people in your life.



2 responses

  1. gs

    Just wanted to say that I really love your song “I’m Just Fine” (fuzz version). Beautiful.

    01/22/2010 at 16:50

    • rabbitearsmotel

      thanks so much, really appreciate that.

      01/22/2010 at 18:14

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