What’s in the Air?


What’s In The Air?

This song began as a challenge to write a song that featured a really horrible guitar loop; it was like an 80’s hair metal riff. I kept picturing Brett Michael’s yelling “Pick up that guitar and talk to me.”


The loop is all over in the song, but I stretched it, reversed it, ran it through a ring modulator and and a feedback loop in Pluggo. Now it just sounds like noise. I may re-mix this one; would like the drums to be a little more present and the vocals to sound airier, but doubt I’ll ever get around to that.


I used PodFarm for the guitars; the AC30 amp and a Marshall that I tweaked a little bit. A lot of people are off PodFarm, but I think it sounds pretty good. Sometimes you might have driver issues (I’ve had them twice), but they have been pretty easy to diagnose and fix so far. The one problem I have with it is that you can’t automate it in Logic; so you basically just turn it on and record. It also kind of bugs that you need to leave the interface for it plugged in until you bounce your track out.


I was thinking of the 90’s shoegaze bands when I wrote this (like Ride in particular). I always enjoyed those bands, the whole wall of sound with harmonies over the top of it really worked for me.


This was recorded on Garageband before I got Logic, and I posted it so that a friend could see/hear that Garageband was more than just a toy. If you want to really get into it, you can do some pretty cool stuff with it. This was recorded with pretty low end stuff: an MXL USB mic, mixed on headphones (typically frowned upon by audiophiles); nothing that really cost a lot of money.

Don’t forget to buy Brian Eno’s new record. It’s one long song, so you can get it for 99 cents



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