Another APOD track. Bryn was working on another track and sent us the artifacts from it. The sounds reminded me of My Bloody Valentine’s guitars. Typically what we do is trade files back and forth (through dropbox) and everyone just manipulates the hell out of what we’re using, and then Bryn mixes (way more skilled at it than the rest of us). What I really like about this one is that it is made up of left-overs and odds and ends, that we then played over. Like adding to a thrift store painting. The player isn’t broken, there is a really slow fade in.


I added some synths, an african drum, and the drums from Led Zeppelins “Fool in the Rain” that I had found some outtakes for online. I’m not really singing anything (just kind of mumbling). Put it back in the dropbox.


Kevin then added bass, acoustic guitar (heavily manipulated) and some indian instruments and sent it back. I added some vocals, and then Bryn sang on it some more and mixed it.


Here are Bryns mix notes that he emailed to Kevin and I:

“This honestly was a quick mix (well, quick for me – 2.5hrs)


Firstly, the bass – I doubled it and put different compressors on each
track…then on one of the tracks I added a low pass filter and only allowed the really low frequencies thru. They blended together in a nice dubby kind of way – big, boomy but not particularly muddy

The drums – I copied to 2 tracks as well – one track I left relatively dry with some compression. The other track I applied the space designer reverb and used a setting called ‘soccer field’. I cranked the reverb up to max then blended the audio of the (very) wet reverb drum track with the dry

I isolated a few of bonham’s fokkin ell’s and pitch shifted one of them in Logic. I added the tape delay plugin and set it so as soon as the pitch shifted Bonham says fokkin ell, I ‘froze’ the delay it repeats throughout the song.

I added augustus loop to kevins shruti or tanpura sample (cant remember which one now)

THEN (lol) I added about 4 vocals and just for the hell of it I put augustus loop on everyone of my voices so I am buried in echo. 3 of my vocal tracks I routed to their own buss and I added a spectral filter. I bounced down the sound of that and then removed the filter. I placed the bounced spectral filter track at the beginning and end of the song (it was originally in the middle) but I left the original vocals in there too. I wasn’t listening to closely to the words that michael was actually singing, so my 4th vocal was basically saying ‘sale – ur’ Its kind of lost in all the echo swathe but I did a bit of my pet sounds-like harmonizing…however, the essence of it comes thru which in a way is more effective

I think as there is such a unanimous thumbs up for this, I wont attempt a version 4, 5, 6 etc….its actually quite good to be spontaneous in a sense and say this is how the cards fell when I dropped them and I like what I got”


Going back to who played what on here (it kind of gets lost as we add layer
upon layer – and it doesn’t really matter to be honest), but I think here is the summary:


Kevin – skysaw guitar (taken from spinning away track) – additional echo effects applied; bass, shruti, tempura
Particle Dots (Bryn)– synths, subtle sequenced pattern, drum+bass enhancements, remix of elements, even more echo, vocals
This was pitched down, mixed and made into working title track ‘spin artifact’
Michael – vocals, finger drums, fokkin ell, Bonham and various other sound textures


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