Some Get Worn, Some Get Used

This is another in a long line of 60’s influenced pop songs.


I Don’t Know

Recorded with Scott and Io. This is like all the rest of the songs we tracked: no real arrangements, recorded live, all of the 2nd guitar parts were just improvised and sounded “good enough.”


I wrote this song when I noticed that a surprisingly large amount of musician friends were completely ill equipped for the real world. Maybe they turned to drugs and booze, maybe they just put too many eggs in one basket; a lot of them were turning out to be weird adults.


I used the Harmony Rocket with flat wounds on this one. Really love the sound that guitar makes. It was played through an old Gretsch amp (that barely made it through the recording process).


So it seemed like a lot of my friends weren’t able to make the transition from cool musician about town to someone who could earn a living. Aging rock musicians are a sad sight sometimes. After a certain point, you just need to step aside and let the 18 year olds take over.


Don’t get me wrong: it was hard when I realized that I didn’t want to tour for the rest of my life, wasn’t good enough to do session work, and had better figure out a way to earn a living. I worked at a retail store while I went back to school, and it sucked. I saw people who used to come see my band, and I felt judged. Getting a normal job was pretty much the most humiliating thing I had ever done; I felt like a complete loser. But I was able to pay my bills and eat regularly ( an novelty with much of my peer group).


By way of explanation: all of these pictures came up when I typed the phrase “I don’t know” into google images. I just thought it odd that they were all so different.



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