We Are Marching


I like orchestral psych-pop, and I like robot pictures.

We Are Marching


I wrote this song and recorded most of the music, and then just started feeling like I was stuck. I knew I wanted the vocal to follow the piano line, but just wasn’t feeling it at all. That’s when having musical friends comes in handy. You get stuck, call on someone who’s fun to work with.


I got in touch with my buddy Ridd Sorenson. We have done a lot of stuff together: a bunch of songs that he wrote, a bunch I wrote, we have fun when we can and he was kind enough to let me play some stuff on his records. I think he is a great musician/songwriter, a really nice guy and super fun to work with. No pressure ever. You should go over to his blog and check out the acoustic covers he does of songs that influenced him. When you’re done, go buy his records. He has two that I know of: Satellite Tragedy, and Blind Dog Sky. Here’s a link to his site:


Ridd sang this song, which is unusual as I typically sing my own stuff. And he did a great job. He also played guitar and put in the marching sounds. I really love the guitar parts that he put on this, exactly what I had in mind. As for me, I did the orchestral bits, the piano, drums, bass, and synth stuff.



One response

  1. Ridd

    really had a blast with this one. thanks michael

    10/16/2009 at 22:16

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