I Can Be Happy Today


This is another “pop” song, I recorded with Scott and Io.

I Can Be Happy)


Everything is live except for the guitar solo at the end and the tambourine. This was the first time I tried to record with my Fender Rhodes. We ran it through a Twin and turned it way up. The action is vicious on the thing, and my right hand was getting really tired.


The song is about an old girlfriend I had that drove me insane (she read my journal once and gave me grief for something that happened before I met her); so I did the only sensible thing: broke up with her and wrote a song about it.


The song was pretty much improvised while we recorded it. We knew the sections of the song, but didn’t have an arrangement or an ending. Being lazy, we decided we’d just do it and see what happened. The solo at the end is my Tele through a twin and a DOD Classic Fuzz (the orange one). The whole ending section we kept looking at each other like “we should probably stop now.”


I got all of the pictures for this entry by typing the name of the song into Google images. I saw a horrible picture of a pretty young girl with flippers for hands, but passed on that one. What a bummer, can you imagine having to live that way?


So this song has some noise, some looseness, some hooks, some mistakes, and it is what it is. Hope you like. This is another off the unreleased Mount St. Helen album. I swear I will post it soon.


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