My Homemade Banjo

I bought a homemade banjo the other day at a swap meet for $20. Actually plays really well, stays in tune and sounds like a banjo. That’s my Harmony Broadway to the left, and to the right you can see a duck decoy my daughter likes to play with.


The guy I bought it from made it from a Carvin electric guitar neck, that he bolted onto a snare drum. As a “bridge,” there are holes drilled into the snare body that the strings pass through.

Waltz Of Time (re-mix by Jim Bouchard)

I have posted this song before, but here is a re-mix my friend Jim Bouchard did. He’s a really talented guy, love his sound. Very much on the mellow tip with primarily organic instruments, but definitely can go all over the place when he feels the need. He basically threw away all my tracks except for the vocals. Love his use of pump organ, kalimba and BANJO. my version was a lot busier, he really stripped it down.
Here is Jim’s music page


There is a screw on capo above the nut that keeps the string tension taut.


Carvin tuning gears. Carvin always makes me think of hair-metal bands in the 80’s. But they are good quality. worth $20 right there. if you figure in the capo, the neck and the snare shell, I got a really great deal.


That hunk of wood bracing the neck looks like it used to be a coffee table leg joint. Check out the mismatched screw. pretty crafty actually. The banjo plays great, actually pretty much feels like my Tele.



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