Never Say Goodbye


“Never Say Goodbye V13” by APOD

I have been making music with my friends Bryn and Kevin off and on for awhile now;  last week we decided to make it official and create an online music collective that we call APOD. The name has been borrowed from a favorite website of ours (you can find it in my links).


There is no ultimate goal for APOD, just to trade some files and play around with sound. We all come from similar musical backgrounds, but we work in different ways/genres/frames of mind at this point. The common ground is a love of experimentation and sound. We like to think of ourselves as “space junk with a pop sensibility.”


We have been working on a song that is for an imaginary new James Bond movie called “Never Say Goodbye.” I say we loosely, as it has been Bryn doing the majority of the work, This is his 13th re-mix of the song. They all sound different. There is another version we settled on as the “final” mix. yeah right.


The song started out with Bryn making a soundbed, to which Kevin added guitars. I improvised a few tracks of vocals over the top. It is hard to convey how different this is from the original. Chopped, skewed, slowed down, and manipulated as far as the plugs and CPU would allow. Hope you like.


Our next project is already in the works. It is meant to reflect ones personal position in space. The working method this time, will be: one person completes a bit and sends the whole file (no stems allowed) to the next person; and so on and so on. By not using stems, you can’t edit out anything anyone has done. Everything ends up in the final mix. After everyone adds their stamp, then we mix. Along with the files that are traded, we include a card randomly drawn from Eno’s Oblique Strategies (for extra inspiration).


5 responses

  1. Excellent work… such a great team… do more.


    09/30/2009 at 21:15

  2. rabbitearsmotel

    thanks so much, very kind of you.

    09/30/2009 at 21:59

  3. ridd

    wow this sounds really rea;y cool. looking forward to more apod

    10/01/2009 at 13:13

  4. Kevin Jones

    You made this one come together with your golden pipes Michael. Great work.

    10/05/2009 at 18:08

    • rabbitearsmotel

      i just kind of moaned over the top of it really.

      10/05/2009 at 18:15

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