Up Above the World So High



This song is called Up Above

Slow moody electronics. I love ’em. I don’t really like the term downtempo though; makes me think of trendy hotel bars. I prefer something darker, a little more stressful to listen to.


I recorded this song on Garageband before I got Logic. I used a lot of 3rd party plug-ins to slice up the beats and give me the general ambience I was going for.Garageband is actually a really good program, but you really need to expand on it’s tool kit to branch out.


The last time I was in a trendy hotel was almost 3 years ago. My wife was in New York for work, we were trying to have a baby, and she was ovulating. I was flown in for stud service.


To cut the drums up in this, I copied the original track, ran it through Supatrigga, and then edited out the good bits. I also played live over the top of my final drum track with a different kit.


The work I did in New York didn’t take, but I had a great time while I was there. We got lucky the next month though, found out we were pregnant while on vacation in Spain. My Spanish is pretty bad, so I had to pantomime when I went to the drug store for a pregnancy test.


I used a few soft synths on this and my Roland JX3P. I also used the Crossfade Loop Synth for samples as Garageband doesn’t really have a sampler (at least one that is quick to set up samples in). Very cool plug-in, you can use it as a sampler pretty easily, and you can loop sounds and play them in reverse, and manipulate the over all sound. works great for turning a drum loop into something completely different.


The song is called “Up Above” as the first song my daughter really latched onto was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and she called it Up Above. She would make me play it on piano for really long stretches of time.



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