Is This Love

Is that a flower you’re holding?

Listen to the song “Is This Love”

I don’t have a whole lot of drama going on in my world anymore: got my family, my friends, my job; it’s all pretty mellow for the most part.

Some of my kid’s art. That’s a stop sign

When writing songs I will often write about someone that I know (or knew), something that happened in the past, or I write about what’s going on in the present. In this case: my wife Nicole.

Tomatoes we grew, they’re about to be roasted

We have known each other for a really long time, and eventually we hooked up. Now we’ve been married for about 5 years and we have a little girl Sophie who is 2 and a half. I love being married. My wife is a great girl, and I am really lucky. Not to mention our kid is a perfect little angel. We are trying to have another, and sometimes I wonder how I will be able to love another kid as much as I love Sophie.

Doors are fun

I recorded this song on 4 track originally, and then dumped it into Garageband to try and clean it up a bit before I got Logic. The drums are an old Boss drum machine that I just turned on and let it go, no fills, no dynamics, nothing. Thought about recording it again, but I kind of like it this way.

4 track
The old music lab

I used my Roland JX3P for the noise at the beginning, but all of the other keyboards are an old Casio that I have. I recorded my Tele with an old Alamo guitar amp that I have, and the Bass was run through that as well (I think I used an overdrive pedal on it). I also used my SM57 to record the vocals. I have a lot more stuff now, and I sometimes miss the simplicity of a 4 track and having 1 mic to use for everything. Not enough to go back though.

alamo amp


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