Salem Witch Hunt


Authentic Salem Witch Trials Hat Pin

Trying out something new, if you press the button below, you can hear the song “Salem Witch Hunt.”

So I just found out that because of the budget cuts here in California, I am going to be working 1 day less a week. That’s 20% less cash in my pocket; always a good thing when you’re in school, have a kid and another one in the works.


Freaky old etching

It could be worse though. Awhile back I was reading about the Salem Witch Trials, now that was truly messed up. One of the theories as to why it was happening is that not enough people were attending church. In an effort to scare people into returning to the fold, the church started a witch scare that got a little out of control.


Some guys awesome Halloween costume.

I wrote a song about these events, as I had never written about a historic event before. Not really about history so much as my impressions of what it must have felt like to be close to this madness at the time.



I recorded the song on my 4 track with the out of tune Wurlitzer in my living room, a big granny organ i used to have (see my first blog post), and my trusty Roland JX3P. To record the piano, I used this weird Radio Shack mic. It features a flat piece of tin with a crappy little button mic in the middle. I think that the tin is supposed to act like a radar dish and focus the sound towards the mic. I didn’t use it because it sounds amazing, it was a convenience thing. I didn’t have any mic stands, so it was impossible to stick a 57 in there. The Radio Shack mic has a little hole on the plate, so i was able to put a finishing nail inside the piano and hang the mic. Problem solved (for better or worse). I used an SM57 for the vocals as I didn’t have anything better at the time. there is no reverb on the vocals at all. Can’t decide if I liked how that worked out or not.

The JX3P is the flute like sound that runs through the song. These are awesome synths, but you need to get the PG200 controller to get the most out of it (or you are stuck with pre-sets). You could probably pick both up on ebay or something for like $400. I traded a Peavey bass for mine.


PG200 Controller

After going through my old 4 track tapes, I found the song and dumped it onto my mac. Ran it through Garageband (didn’t have Logic yet), and cleaned it up a bit. I also added the little boys choir that you hear in the song.


What most people think a witch looks like

The song is a slow art-rock style number. No drums, just keys and vocals. It originally started with piano, but the cassette tape that it was originally on was starting to show signs of wear and the piano track was messed up. Necessity being the mother of invention, I muted the piano and started the song with the JX3p only.


What most witches really look like


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