Swinging at the Windmills


Click here to hear the song “All My Friends”


I wrote this song one day when I was feeling a little melancholy. I was thinking about how many of the people that used to mean so much to me are all gone now. Either simply through life moving in different directions, and some of them have fallen victim to their own vices.


I feel like a lot of my friends have fallen along the wayside, and it bums me out, as well as pisses me off. On Sunday I will be attending the funeral of a girl who helped me get sober 14 years ago; she died of a Heroin overdose. What a shameful waste. I get to have this great life, and she gets cremated and forgotten. Thanks for your help when I needed it J.J.


I haven’t really been friends with the girl in years, and she was actually kind of bitchy to me whenever we saw each other. I didn’t take it personally as I know she was suffering through her own hell. Deep inside, under all of the drugs, was a sweet, loving girl who didn’t know which way to turn.


I recorded “All My Friends” in Garageband, it was one of the first things I recorded, so the level is a bit low. No worries, just turn it up. I used a piano sound that came with GB, and the Jazz drum kit, and Upright Bass that are also in GB. If I were to re-record this, I would use a different piano, the EZDrummer Jazz kit (which I just bought for myself ) and a real bass.


The song sounds like a Paul Westerberg song or an old Tom Waits number (before he found his voice).



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