Do What You Want To?


Airport Seven

Just wanted to take a second to pimp a band I just discovered: AIrport Seven. I really don’t know much about them other than they are from Brooklyn, and that their guitar players name is LSD25 (and he played in a band called the Reverb Motherfuckers). And did I mention that the band reeks of vintage 1980 New York? A bunch of scuzzy New Yawkers, dressed in black who would have no problem drinking the likes of Pere Ubu, The Fall and Sister-era Sonic Youth under the stage. I’m talking skronk, noize, like the sound of a fuzzbox through a Fender Twin that hasn’t had new tubes since it rolled off the factory floor. These were the sullen, surly guys in art school. If Iggy had actually finished his education in Ann Arbor, I think he would have started this band; but he didn’t and too bad for him.


When I hear these guys, I am instantly transported to some East Side dive bar that smells of cloves and stale beer; and the best looking girls in the club are all with the band. The sound system sucks, but I don’t care; the band is kicking ass, and the recordings I heard of them didn’t sound much better anyways. That’s the charm, the whole frikkin’ point; the focus is on the music and not the pursuit of high fidelity perfection. If you want that, go buy a Steely Dan record. Me, I’m going to be cranking Airport Seven and bouncing off the walls.

A7 at Freddy's 10/3

Airport Seven will be playing October 3rd. 10 PM
Freddy’s Backroom
485 Dean Street
Brooklyn New York

I live in LA, so i’ll have to make do with these Airport Seven songs I found online.

Their myspace page

Click here for Airport Seven’s cover of Pere Ubu’s Final Solution


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