Pop Music

I love pop music. It comes in so many different flavors, so I never grow tired of it. Melody, harmony and pleasant arrangements. My sweet tooth can’t resist it. I don’t have any time to write today (at work now), so I am just throwing up a few vids for songs that I like.

I am addicted to this song

I think the Shins are a really good 60’s influenced indie pop band. This video is great too. Who doesn’t like cows?

Sufjan Stevens always seems to be held up as some sort of example of indie pop wuss-itude; whatever, I like him. he has a really nice way with a melody, his arrangements are really interesting sounding and he is a true musician. This song is great.

If you’re my age, then you have some memories of this song (good, bad or indifferent). Whatever happened to Postal Service?


2 responses

  1. Kevin Jones

    Great collection of videos Michael – the first one is a hoot with the multiplying players. Excellent song too.

    08/30/2009 at 18:34

  2. maxruehl

    Hey, Michael. This is maxruehl from MacJams. I just listened to that John Wayne Gacy song. I had never heard of Sufjan Stevens before. I must admit that it was the subject matter that got me to listen, but it’s the sweet harmonies that kept me listening. Thanks very much for turning me on to this track.:)

    08/30/2009 at 18:36

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