Installing a 3rd party plug-in

I recorded this a few months ago; it’s a sad waltz. Figured it was only appropriate as I just posted a tango. It’s dance week here at Rabbit Ears Motel.
click here to hear the song Waltz of Time

So today a friend was trying to install a plug-in and was having a hard time. I got confused about this at first too, so I am going to show you how to do it.

First go to the website of whatever plug you want. She wanted a copy of TAL Dub2 to use in garageband, so that’s what we’ll do. Make sure you pick the version that is right for your computer. Robin has a new-ish mac so she needs a Universal Binary AU plug-in. NOT a VST or RTAS (they won’t work). In the picture below you see that you have a few choices at TAL’s website. Hit component zip and wait for your download. The files are pretty small so it should only take a minute.


After it’s done downloading, it should just open on most macs. If it doesn’t you can download Stuffit from Version Tracker. That will open it for sure.. Now you want to take out the thing called a .component and put that in home/library/audio/plugins/components. make sure that your recording app is not on while you do this.


That’s it, now open garageband, and go to where the effects are. You will see all of your Apple effects, and then below that will be a new list with all of your 3rd party effects. The new effect will be right there. That’s all there is to it. When I was having problems before, it was usually because I had downloaded the wrong format, or stuck it in the wrong folder.


Hope this was helpful to someone. You can find the wonderful TAL Dub2 on my freeware page.


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  1. henry

    thanks. this was helpful

    08/27/2009 at 17:34

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