I Can’t Imagine

I love the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

I Can’t Imagine
This song is not really about anyone in particular, but more about a “type” of person it seems like I have run into repeatedly over the course of my existence. Could actually be about myself when I was younger. Everyone knows one of those people who are like a tornado ripping through everyone around them; yet everyone loves them because they are smart, funny, good looking or charming. The song itself is a long Pink Floyd kind of thing (i’m partial to that sort of thing); it’s the kind of song I would listen too, but was mostly an experiment in playing with Logic. I am still interested in songwriting, but I have become very interested in the art of recording; not to say that I am successful at it (yet).

I know they kill people, but tornadoes are really cool.

I did this in Logic and tried out a couple of new things. I have been having problems getting a decent bass sound; always seems to be too boomy. So for this one, I EQed the bass kind of more trebl-ey, and then doubled the bass part with a synth EQed really low. I was reading an interview with someone who produces black metal bands, and he mentioned that he does it all the time. Synth provides the bottom end, while the bass gives the rhythm. Seems like it turned out okay.

This guy is a visionary; he brings the ancient traditions of Sumo to the world of black metal

There aren’t any other “synth” sounds in here. Just a little bit of audio that I played with in the EXS24 sampler. I recorded my piano, reversed it and then made an instrument out of it. You can hear that sound pretty much all the way through the song. I ended up being really happy with that instrument, nice to play a chord and hear a reversed piano coming back at you.

My piano isn’t much better.

There is also a flutey (flutish?) kind of sound that I made awhile ago with EXS. It’s mostly the reverb send of a synth pad i was playing with, all of the dry sound is pretty much gone. Liked how it sounded at the time, so I loaded it into the sampler for future use. I usually don’t throw anything away, even if a song sucks I can always sample cool noises in the song and use later for something else. My new fave reverb is EOS by Audio Damage It has a really great sound to it, a crazy hall algorithm, and it also has an infinite button that can get really ugly. Love it.
This was a wise purchase.

The piano itself is sampled too, although I didn’t make that instrument. It’s called the Rain Piano, and I bought it online for real cheap (they were having a sample). It’s just a beat up old upright that was sampled. The company that sells it is called Sampletekk . They have a lot of good stuff available for download online.

Serious business

The guitar part is my Tele run through Podfarm and a leslie simulation in Logic. I was feeling like the middle eight wasn’t very strong (still don’t), and in an attempt at adding a little interest, I cut the lead guitar line up into bite sized pieces and then reversed some of them. The bridge was weird as I improvised the piano part, and when I got around to doing the vocals it wasn’t really working like a song is supposed to. That’s also how that little section with the bass petering out came into play. Suppose I could have actually written a part there, but then I would have had to re-record.

“My son is not a monster”

Drums are EZDrummer; the vintage expansion kit. I bought myself EZDrummer for my birthday last year. Ultrabeat in Logic is really cool, but I have a thing for classic rock and indie, so I needed a different app for that stuff. I think I want to get the EZDrummer jazz kit next; sounds really nice on the songs I’ve heard.

Wish I knew these guys in high school.

Lastly, I just wanted to pimp my friend Carlos’ new record. Carlos is a freaking maniac. He does sort of a dark ambient thing, all tension, mood and an undercurrent of emotional violence. I have had the pleasure to work with him on more than a few tunes, and I have a bit part on this record. It is available for free, and I highly recommend it. Here is a link:

LIngering Last Drops

Streaming Audio LIngering Last Drops

Download this now.

Some of Carlos’ artwork

Sorry I got so exited by all of the black metal pictures I found, that I kind of went nuts. Just in case you’re feeling all skeezed out, here’s a picture of a cute baby elephant playing.

Remind me to get one of these for my daughter.


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