Got My Eyes On You

Drinking a Rolling Rock with my lady on the corduroy sofa. Good times.

I have a bunch of online friends that I record music with, my favorite gathering spot is macjams. It’s a horrible name for a really great web site. There are some really talented people there, and it’s really given me a kick in the butt to keep playing music. Occasionally there are challenges: write a song that sounds like it came off someone else’s record, write an acoustic song with no overdubs, etc… My favorite challenge has been the LIOLI challenge. Basically the idea is: someone is the organizer and they pick a really horrible MIDI loop and you have to write a song around it. The beauty of MIDI is that you can change the sounds, the tempo, the pitch, you can drag the notes to different places. This challenge really inspired me to figure out how to work with MIDI, and was a lot of fun.

This is the best ice breaker ever

The MIDI loop that this song was based around was really awful. It was really bad dance sounding clavinet. Really horrible. I took the loop and turned it into a bass track and a percussion track. The rest of the song is me playing guitar and I tapped the drums out with my keyboard. It’s about my wife, and how thrilled I used to get when I would see her. I decided to go for a real 80’s vibe on this one; think Love & Rockets/Tones on Tails meets Gang of Four with a little Can thrown in. I don’t usually sing like this, but it fit the song. Take a listen:

Got My Eyes On You

These are actual prosthetic eyes. Hope I never need a fake eye

I recorded this in Logic, and used the effects that come with it for the reverb and the drum sounds. For the echo-ey guitar part in the middle I used the TAL-Dub delay plug in. It’s free, and I put a link for it in one of my earlier posts. I automated the delay plug in to make the pitch bends and other trippy sounds. Logic is great for editing effects and sound files, really intuitive I think. If anyone tells you that Logic is too difficult to use, don’t believe them. They probably have troubles with their email too.

These guys make me happy

I got these pictures by typing in the name of the song and just grabbed a few random images. Google images is (sadly) probably the website that I visit the most.



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