Dub Music

tape delay

Dub is one of those things that you either can’t get enough, or you just want it to stop. I’m into it, it’s so stoney sounding. I had never done a dub song before, so decide to give it a shot.

First I took a really simple drum loop and ran it through Supatrigga, which mangled it beyond belief. I cut out the sections that were lame and left the rest. Then I took the sound of a car that wouldn’t start; slowed it down and sampled it, and then used that as a part of the beat. I also used some other sounds that I sampled for the beat as well (a door and some bird call are the only things i can remember).

After that, i needed a vocal. Since I am not jamaican and my voice would sound dumb, i went to http://www.freesound.org/ and looked around for a cool acapella vocal. after awhile I found a field recording of a Turkish fisherman singing and talking. Perfect. I dropped that into the track, and then sliced it up and moved things around until it fit. Then I put a dub sounding bass line under it.


The mixing is where the fun stuff started. I ran the “drums” through Camel Crusher to dirty them up a bit, and some delay. On the vocal track I ran it through the TAL-Dub Delay. It’s basically a digital model of an Echoplex. I automated the vocal delay so that it varied throughout the song. Then I ran some of the leftover Supatrigga parts I didn’t use through a lot of delay and messed with the delay rate in automation. That’s what a lot of the weird sounds you hear are.

The whole thing took me about an hour and a half, and now I can say that I’ve made a dub song. I call it “Turkish Boat Ride”


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