Poor Tired Organ

busted organ

Haven’t used this since I got the account, so here goes. I am not really sure what makes me more lame: starting a blog at my age, or starting a blog at my age and not utilizing it. When we moved into our house back in 2000, there was a band who lived there. Can’t remember them actually playing shows or anything, I think basically they were a bunch of rich kids who had a band to get girls. They lived like animals: standing water in the corners of the bathroom, garbage and dirty dishes piled high, there was a bag of Dorito’s under the kitchen sink that was at least 5 years old (you could tell by the packaging). When they moved out they left all kinds of crap (including a VW they were going to come back for). I managed to fit most of their garbage in the VW, but kept the organ.

It was pretty cool, but basically a big, testy space-hog that only worked in fits and starts. It took 3 people to carry it out of the house and into the basement where I had a studio set up. I never actually used it as much as I planned; only once that I can remember. A couple of years later our house flooded and the thing became completely unreliable and smelled like mildew. Not knowing how to repair organs, I tried to put it on Craigsist but had no takers. I was giving the thing away, and still no one wanted it.

Eventually we had a baby and needed space in the basement for all of the accoutrements that go along with our tiny bundle of joy. There was no room in my new studio, so I tore the organ apart with a crowbar and salvaged some parts (the reverb unit and a speaker). then not wanting to pay someone to haul it away, I broke apart and put it all in the trash can. It was all a bit sad actually. My wife had the foresight to take pictures of the unseemly end.

Here is the song that I recorded with the organ. This was recorded on a Tascam 4 track with my friend Scott Matz playing drums. We did the guitar and the drums live at the same time, I overdubbed the bass (played through a Musicman 4×12) and the organ. Years later I found the song and dumped it into Garageband, where I tried to clean up the sound a bit, and added a synth part (I think). This song is the only recorded evidence I can find of that poor organ. Seems like a sin to trash a musical instrument; so this is my tribute:



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